What Do Medical Research Consultants Do?

Medical malpractice cases require both medical and legal expertise in order to be successful in the courtroom. Medical Research Consultants bring the healthcare and legal industries together, by lending their specialized knowledge and experience to your case, and in turn, greatly increase your chances for a successful outcome.

Benefits To Your Case & Staff

At MedCase Litigation Specialties, our team of expert medical research consultants, as well as a Registered Nurse/Paralegal, can greatly support your staff in handling the intricate details of your medical malpractice case, including preparing deposition summaries and interrogations, discovery requests, and more from an expert medical perspective. Our team of  medical research consultants can skillfully review medical literature and research, as well as medical records, to assist in your case’s preparation, in addition to aiding in communication with other medical professionals more effectively. For example, a Registered Nurse can help an attorney better understand the medical issue at hand and aid in selecting a credible medical professional to serve as an expert witness.

Services Provided

As Medical Research Consultants, we can provide a variety of services to your attorney, such as:

      • Organization and summary of medical records
      • Creation of medical chronologies
      • Preparation of disposition questions
      • Lend medical expertise to the preparation of legal documents
    • And more!

MedCase Litigation Specialties has years of experience in the medical research consulting field, and has had clients in both the legal and healthcare industries. We also have over thirty years of experience in several medical specialties. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of services to best ensure a successful outcome for your case.

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