Litigation ServicesEach year, more and more cases of medical malpractice are reported; however, there is no evidence that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are getting more reckless. People are having more surgical procedures than they did 20 years ago. Now people get elective surgery without thinking twice, and non-elective surgeries have increased, since advances in medicine have made it possible to operate when previously there was no option.

Despite the increase of medical malpractice, people still do not know a lot about medical malpractice. People are more familiar with how criminal law works. Criminal cases are shown on TV; both real live cases and fictionalized accounts. However, perhaps because they are not exciting enough, medical malpractice suits are rarely showcased on the news or the plot in a movie. People need to know about medical malpractice so outlined below are some important points to know.

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be brought against any healthcare professional.

In most cases, medical malpractice lawsuits are brought against doctors, but any healthcare professional, even lab technicians and nurses, can face a medical malpractice suit. There have been cases where patients have been injured but took no action because the negligent party was not a doctor.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are subject to statute of limitations.

There is statute of limitations applied to medical malpractice suits. The length of time you have will be different in every state. That is why it is important that you act immediately even if you only have a suspicion.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are costly.

Medical malpractice lawsuits cost a lot of money. The fact is that the majority of people are not able to afford the cost of filing and properly fighting a medical malpractice lawsuit. Fortunately, medical malpractice lawyers work on contingency. They will only get paid if they win the case so the money comes out of the judgment and not their client's pocket. This pay model evens the playing field and allows everyone the opportunity to be represented should they be injured because of a medical professional's negligence.

MedCase Litigation Specialties is ready to be your attorney's resource.

Despite the costs of filing medical malpractice lawsuits, many attorneys do not have the resources readily available to assist with performing the upmost services as possible. MedCase Litigation Specialties provides a valuable resource to attorneys that can assist in many functions, such as case review and summarization, medical research, records management, expert witness selection, and expert witness management.

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