How Social Media Affects Medical Malpractice?

Social Media has taken the nation by storm, and depending on the source has had both negative and positive impacts. In today’s world, where it is popular and even encouraged to post or “share” more and more of our lives with the world, we often forget that there can be consequences. Such instances have been highlighted in recent news stories where criminals post about their crimes or where a “simple” tweet can jeopardize one’s job. Relevant to our line of work, the same instances are beginning to pop-up in the medical malpractice world and are impacting both the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ cases.

Similar to past publicized instances where worker’s claiming workplace related injuries (workman’s compensation cases) were then caught on tape working without hindrance or evidence of said injury, some people pursuing a medical malpractice claim, are now literally handing over evidence when they publicly share content on social media that blatantly negates their medical malpractice claim.

Information that is made public (shared publicly) via Facebook or Twitter for example is most often “fair game” in today’s world, and many lawyers are turning to social media outlets to look for evidence of fraud or question the credibility of a claim or party in the case. Social media in this instance, has turned into a valuable tool for the attorney, but on the flip side, a seemingly innocent post can also have the opposite effect. This has led to many attorneys counseling their clients to be careful about what they post or refrain from social media altogether while a case is pending.

As social media becomes more and more a part of our culture, attorneys and those who assist them will need to familiarize themselves with such trends in the culture in order to best serve their clients. At MedCase Litigation Specialities, we strive to provide the best quality services possible, and thus, are committed to staying current with the times and doing all we can to stay informed and equipped to best serve our clients.

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