Expert Trial Consulting Services Provided by Registered Nurse & Paralegal

Trial ConsultingOur Legal Nurse Consultant has years of experience in both the legal and healthcare industries, and can provide the expertise and services necessary to greatly assist your legal team and aid them in successfully handling the medical aspects of your case.

MedCase Litigation Specialties’ Legal Nurse Consultant and expert team can, not only, help your legal team in understanding and analyzing medical records and media, but can also, evaluate your personal injury and medical malpractice cases from a medical perspective and determine when it is best to pursue a case and take it to court, saving you valuable time and money. Our expert team is prepared to assist with mediations, trials, and depositions, by utilizing both our medical and legal backgrounds to your benefit.

For example, MedCase Litigation Specialties has frequently, and with excellent results, assisted in preparing deposition questions for depositions involving physicians and other healthcare professionals. Our experience and training also gives us the knowledge to assist with demonstrative evidence and collaborate with other vendors to help you prepare for your case. We have the expert experience needed to make the difference with your case and maximize your chances for success.

Our other trial consulting services include:

  • Conducting Investigational Interviews
  • Preparing POP’s, RFP’s and Other Legal Documents
  • Aiding in the communication between physicians and attorneys
  • Medical Expert Witness Selection
  • Case Strategy Development and Evaluation

Read more about some of the other exciting services that MedCase offers, including case review and summarization,records review and management, and expert witness selection and management.

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