Use Our Expertise to Support Your Staff

As medical research consultants, we utilize our expertise to support your staff in handling the many details of each case. With the added experience of a Registered Nurse Paralegal on our team of medical research consultants, you also get the benefit of medical knowledge in preparing interrogatories and other discovery requests, case summaries, deposition summaries and other issues that may arise during case preparation. In addition, a Registered Nurse talking to a physician about being an expert can provide great efficiency for both the attorney and the expert.

Medical Research ConsultantsOur medical research consultants can also expertly sift through medical articles and literature to find the right evidence to support your case. Our expert staff has the knowledge to know what to look for and where to look, saving you valuable time and money.  For example, our consultants have extensive experience researching medical literature to uncover potential issues with best practices and record keeping. Our team of medical research consultants  can also uncover key facts and issues which may not be readily apparent to attorneys.

In order to ensure that you receive the best services from our medical research consultants, we focus on offering high quality services that have been rewarded with multiple preferred contracts for federal courts throughout the United States. For most medicolegal cases, utilizing our services is cost effective.  Whether working for Plaintiff or Defense, our only agenda is to provide the best services for our clients.