A Medical Nurse Consultant Reviews Your Case from a Medical Perspective

Case ReviewMedCase Litigation Specialties reviews cases from a medical perspective and provides complete summaries for attorneys. Our expert team's varying medical backgrounds provide a unique level of comprehension and analysis about a wide variety of medical issues. Our Chicago Medical Nurse Consultant (Registered Nurse Paralegal) also adds her medical knowledge and expertise when preparing cases and deposition summaries. Summaries of our findings are clear, concise, and analytically insightful.

Our medical review and analysis can also benefit your attorney's by uncovering key facts and issues that are more easily identifiable to a trained medical professional. Our team has a knack for discerning and assessing the key facts and issues, which may not be readily apparent to attorneys.

At MedCase, we also value honesty and transparency. If a medical issue is beyond our area of expertise and scope, we will let you know, and assist you in finding a specialist in that field who can better address the issue at hand, saving you valuable time and money.

Our expert team will:

  • Review case from medical perspective and provide complete summary for the attorney
  • Examine reports provided by expert(s), formulate conclusions and coordinate results with the counsel of record
  • Assist in strategy for court proceedings
  • Compile discovery matters and resolve issues of production request
  • Assist in preparation of interrogatories, draft replies and responses as mandated by the court
  • Assist in providing answers to discovery mandates
  • Respond in conformance with medical scenario expertise as deemed necessary by the counsel of record