No matter what the task, our Denver Nurse Paralegal and the expert team at MedCase Litigation Specialties takes pride in providing the highest quality work for our clients as expeditiously as possible, especially when it comes to our case management services.


In addition to case review and summarization, we also offer services to help your attorney better manage your medical malpractice or personal injury case. For example our Denver Nurse Paralegal and staff’s ability to identify relevant standards of care, regulations, protocols, and rules can greatly help an attorney who is investigating standards of care for a negligence claim or to even protect a client from such an allegation.


Case ManagementHaving specialized medical training can also help identify key information that is missing, but of vital value to case. For example, with new cases, medical records can unfortunately, be out of order or incomplete, and what you don’t see can be of the most value and make a true difference for your client.

Our Denver Nurse Paralegal can help uncover that missing relevant information, saving your attorney time. For instance, billing records may inadvertently be missing, such as in-hospital providers who bill separately, such as anesthesiologists and radiologists. Identifying missing billing records will add value, especially to a Plaintiff's case. Our expertly trained staff can uncover these missing links for you, saving your attorney not only valuable time, but also allowing him to focus on preparing your case.

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