Expertise Born from Experience

About Us PictureWe understand that attorneys depend on the expertise of their support staff to handle the many details of each case. With the added experience of a Registered Nurse Paralegal on your team, you also get the benefit of medical knowledge and insight in preparing interrogatories and other discovery requests, case summaries, deposition summaries and other issues that may arise during case preparation- just a small sampling of the Nurse Paralegal Services that MedCase has to offer!

In addition, a Registered Nurse Paralegal talking to a physician about becoming an expert can provide great efficiency for both the attorney and the expert. For example, a Nurse Paralegal can help your attorney better understand the medical issues pertinent to your case and aid in selecting and communicating with other medical professionals that may later on serve as expert witnesses. OurĀ Nurse Paralegal and medically trained team can also uncoverĀ  key facts and issues, which may not be readily apparent to attorneys.

MedCase Litigation Specialties provides expert legal assistance specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury and employment law. Contact us today to see how our team can make a difference with your case!

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